Grieve for No One (Μὴ ἐπὶ παντὶ λυποῦ)

Today’s maxim seems a bit harsh. Then again, when was Apollo ever known to sugar coat things? The modern takeaway here is the trap of using grief as an emotional crutch or manipulation tactic. Sadness and grief are natural and are emotional responses we all know from the breakup of a relationship, drifting away from a once-close friend, the loss of a pet, etc. Grief, then is understood as natural and healing, if allowed to run its natural course. Life is for the living and that is what we must ultimately choose to do. Although the ancients viewed the psyche differently from us, they could probably grasp our modern conception of addiction. This is the warning: wallow not in grief for it is a powerful emotion that can trap us, and lead us into ignoring our other emotions. The wise understand to be sad and evolve back into life and avoid apathy.

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