Always Juggling

Welcome, then to the world of the Two of Pentacles: this fellow is often depicted as dancing while juggling (in some decks he walks a tightrope!) This sense of stress at life is nothing new, we have centuries of writings on our ancestors also feeling overwhelmed. And it is the job of this Deuce to introduce us to what is a state of grace.

Your mind is always juggling isn’t it? Mirrors, torches, plates.

Ray Bradbury (2012). “The Illustrated Man”, p.114, Simon and Schuster

All Twos in the Tarot are cards of duality. The idea of the one, of the Ace, has split into options. A or B? Yin or Yang? Pink or blue? Twos call up images of reflection: did you make the right choices? Are you going the right way now? Or images of conflict: Good versus Evil. Or images of desire: are they interested in me? Will I sell my product? Will they warm my bed? Will they believe my narrative?

And Pentacles are the suit of real things. The events in the life of this fellow aren’t regrets (those belong to the Cups), they aren’t imagined fears (see the Swords for these) nor are they flashes of inspiration (ask the Wands) but real things happening in real time. Traffic jams, text message requests from exes, unexpected bills in the mail box all compete for mental real estate with life and work already in progress.

How will you handle it all?

Well, the Two of Pentacles reminds us all to take these things in stride, and — if possible — with good humor. He reminds us that there is danger in duality. We can spend too much time anchored to two choices we forget that there are always other options. Those ships tossing on the waves behind head into the swells, and that is how thy remain afloat. Juggling is really just a series of throw, wait, catch, throw again sequentially for one, two, three, more balls.

Move money between accounts. Check emails between meetings. Laugh at the lemons as you squeeze them into lemonade. Calmer waters await but in the here and now stay flexible and keep your cool. As you do you will realize it is easier than it first appeared and those watching from the sidelines will be amazed and entertained.

Here is a Video Mood Board I made for this card on YouTube, please enjoy!

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