On Kindness

Kindness is a state of grace: it is a moment to be cherished when someone is generous or helpful of considerate to another.
Kindness is often automatic. When we see a pregnant woman get onto a crowded bus, the act of standing up to offer her seat takes no thought to the kind soul.
Kindness is about small rather than grand gestures. No one is kind just to win social points. Acknowledging the humanity of a stressed retail worker with a few words will no Nobel prizes but it might help make a stranger’s day more tolerable.
Kindness is seeing the need to pause in our hectic lives and encourage another to continue on.
Kindness is to see someone as an individual and not a role. It is to be, even if not completely compassionate, at least considerate. We can hold the door open for a coworker struggling with a large package. Or we can alert someone at the laundromat they have dropped a sock.

To read more about it check out: https://kindness.orghttps://kindness.org

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