Card of the Day: King of Cups

When Are You Going to Write Your Novel, Paint Your Picture, or Sing Your Song?

Unfazed by the stormy seas that surround him, the King of Cups is not only a master of his own feelings but also of self-reflection. From this comes his great wisdom and creative powers. He can mentor us into finding emotional stability, true, but for those already in a calm spot in their lives, this King shows us how to channel our talents. If your passion is model-making or playing guitar, when was the last time you sat down to enjoy either? Have you challenged yourself recently? Can you take the sense of play that comes from any artistic endeavor and spread its energy to your work? Your workouts? You cooking? Your cookouts? The King of Cups reminds us that any talent we have can also be a service to others and therefore to the greater good. Do not wait any longer.

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