Tarot Asks You: Six of Swords

What If You Could Relieve Your Worries By Going Forward With Your Plans?

The Six of Swords is often a card associated with refuge: either seeking it for yourself or offering it to another. But it is a card of action. The figures in the boat are moving away from something to somewhere new. Today the Tarot asks you, could taking action help relieve your tensions? The Six of Swords is not a card of grand gestures. Instead it is a card of keeping a steady pace. The ferryman rhythmically pushes the boat to the far shore, stroke after stroke. For you to see the other side, how can you do the same thing with your plans? Make some calls? Schedule some meetings? Do some research? Instead of worrying about the future, step boldly into it. Even the act of getting anything started alleviates the fear of “what if–?”

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