Tarot Asks You: The Star

What Do You Want to Know?

Long a symbol of hope, the Star is also a symbol of guidance. Naked in the starlight a woman pours water onto the earth and into a pool. She has nothing to hide. Do you, though? Is there an inner truth you wish to face? Are you also on your knees looking for guidance? Praying for answers? Then let the powerful lesson of the Star bathe you. Replenish your soul by allowing yourself to daydream and thus be inspired to look at your future with new eyes. Replenish your spirit by engaging in activities that delight or educate you. This is a card of self-care. Say no to others and yes to yourself under the Star’s care. Let negativity be stripped away from your heart. Meditation and mindfulness are positive ways to nurture yourself. You may find your senses sharpened and experience your day in a new way. The Star reminds us that there is also Love in the world.

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